Festival Bands

2020 Bands:

2020 Bix Festival Bands Scheduled to Appear

Chicago Cellar Boys

Joe Smith & Spicy Pickles. (Denver)

Vine Street Rumble. (Kansas City)

Hot Jazz Collective with Jeff Barnhart

Benny Goodman Trio (Barnhart, Smith, Bennett)

NOLA Jazz Band (Des Moines)

Manny Lopez's Big Band (Quad Cities)

Graystone Monarchs (All-Stars)

Bix Youth Jazz Band

Band Websites
Chicago Celler Boys: www.chicagocellarboys.com
Jeff Barnhart Bands: www.jeffbarnhart.com
Joe Smith and The Spicy Pickles: www.joesmithandthespicypickles.com
NOLA: www.nolajazzband.org
Vine Street Rumble: www.vinestreetrumble.com