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This poem was sent to us from one of our Australian Bix Fans!

Poem by Nigel Marshall
Copyright 2012.

Dedicated to Bix Beiderbecke (1903-1931)
"In a Mist" (Piano Solo) written and recorded by Bix on
Friday, 9th September, 1927 in New York City.
(Bix Beiderbecke Suite – In a Mist, Candlelights, Flashes, In the Dark.)

A turbulent sky, of wind and the rain
Pervades my presence, again and again.
Her anger releases such fury, then ceases
And whispering quietly, is ushered away.

A canopy of foliage, a garland of green,
Red-browns and yellows, mingled between.
Poised in eerie stillness by a fallen distant tree,
A figure so faint, a wiley fox I see.

Silvereyes and blue wrens share tea-tree grayish green,
How lovely their voices, whilst they are unseen.
From a grey-leaden sky, to a pale lilac blue,
Embracing a rainbow - enhancing my view.

A spectrum of color, a welcome intrude,
Escape I cannot, this magical mood.
Surrounded by nature, forgotten in time –
What secrets before me – are seemingly mine.

A cool soft mist, enlightens my senses –
Like the whipbird's notes, as he commences.
A tangled embankment of wild roses to seek
Hides haunting murmurs, of an overgrown creek.

Standing in a clearing, and partly tumbled down –
Is an old log-cabin, that's low to the ground
With camp fire memories, when fishing was fun,
In cold mountain streams, how lucky was one.

Suddenly I'm startled by harsh eerie cries,
As spur-wing plovers take to the sky.
How strangely sounding, and unnerving are they,
In covering twilight, I hurry away.

A hush has descended, as day disappears,
Quaint musical notes are filling my ears.
In deepening dusk, all colors have flown –
My thoughts turn to sadness, of someone I've known.

Seen from a window, alone in my room,
All shadows merging in gathering gloom.
Sweet cascading sounds, await me to find –
Am I lost in a mist, or the depths of my mind?

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