Festival Sponsors

2018 Sponsors and Grantors

Festival Sponsors
Regional Development Authority
Don and Vickie Pruter, IA
Mike and Donna Wolsted, MN
Mike and Jean Steffenson, IA
Glenda Childress, TN
Howard and Ruth Braren, IL
C. H. Schaefer, IA
Birdies For Charity
Buel and Mary Williamson, IA
Bruce and Carolyn Thorburn, IA
Laura Ostrem, IA
Hal Vickery, IL
Duane and Sue Wince, IA
Mike Salter, IA
Rhythm City Casino Resort
Quality Inn and Suites
Ruth and Albert Vanteighem Sr. Foundation, FL
Grumpy's Saloon
West Music
U of I CCU

Band Sponsors
Lee and Lucretia Schneider, IA
Brad Hinker, MN
Two Friends of Bix
Sally Beiderbecke, CA
Eileen Bensen, IA
Rodney and Tricia Biensen, IL
Steven Burke and Darcy Anderson, IL
Tim and Tracie Chinaris, TN
Terrence and Kimberly Fortman, FL
Dean and Cynthia Gipp, IA
Charles Holman, CA
Richard and Loraine Kennedy, MO
Donald and Susan Kerber, WI
Lawrence O'Connell, WI
Robert and Carol Olsen, WI
Muriel Voss and Shelley Trunnell, IA

Supporting Sponsors
Robert and Nancy Jones, IL
Ray and Janice Jacquot, WY
Robert and Patricia Hanson (Hanson Foundation), IL
Ross Kooperman, IL
Marion Lardner, IL
Edward Paluga, IL
Rita and Jonathan Paluga, IL
Patrica and Thomas Carroll, IA
Rodney and Shirlee Dense, IA
Dick Hyman Music, Inc.
Gordon and Ann Flygare, OK
John F. Gudac, IL
Richard D. Hinton, AZ
William Homrighausen, IA
Julia Hyman, FL
Bruce Johnson, WI
Judy Parkinson and Randy Trainor, IL
Dewitt Peterson, NJ
Darrel and Janice Randolph, IL
John and Jenny Robnett, IA
Victor and Dianne Wilson, IA
Tom Brannan, OK
Roger and Joanne Henrichson, NE
Fred Turner, NM
William Cardiff and Lynda Kuehn, IA
Barbara and Michael Fraumeni, ME
Jim and Sue Peterson, IA
Rose Ann Hofer, AR
US Bank Wealth Management Serivecs,
Christopher Barry, NJ
Hank Beiderbecke, FL
Walter Brenner, GA
Alan and Judy Brotherton, IA
Gerald and Donna Buckler, IL
Dana Denklau, IA
Robert Dettbarn, IL
Mel and Nelda Durham, TN
Wil Ensenat, NM
Anne Fuerst, IA
Thomas and Martha Hayne, FL
Bill Hoffman, PA
David and Gail Holcomb, IL
Robert and Marion Jones, IL
Ken Lepere, CA
Jerry and Jane Lewis, IL
E.J. "Jazzman Joe" Lynch, IA
James and Carol MaGaw, DE
Bernadine and Lonn McGruire, IA
George and Joan Moger, IA
Frank and Sharon Morlan, IL
Chris and Bob Mortenson, LA
Warren and Carrie Phillips, MI
David and Ruth Rinker, MN
Rosemary Rizzolo, IL
Richard and Barbara Sandberg, IL
Carlos Scheer, MO
Peter Simons, IL
Suzanne Skorich, MN
Mary Lou Stock, FL
Bruce and Dorothy Webster, MI
William an Patricia Zurbriggen, MI
Jack Schaefer, IA
Don and Bernadette Custin, IL
Chuck Larrabee, NM
Richard and Krista Yopp, WV
Lorie and Howard Allen, IL
Maro Anahid
Dave and Chris Anderson, WI
John Andrew, IL
Gene Anthony, IA
Maro Avakian
Dallas Baker, IL
John and Joyce Baker
Ray and Lois Behrendt, IL
Gerri and Kent Bowers, IA
Frank and Carol Cincola, IL
Suzanne and David Enzfelder, FL
Fidelity Charitible
John and Marilyn Gross, IL
Alicia Dee Jackson, IA
Lorie and Howard Jenner-Allen, IL
Bob and Kay Kloeckner, MN
Tom Lizotte, ME
Wallace and Michele Morton, Jr., VA
Janet L. Parry, IA
Peter Modermott Construction Co.
John and Myrna Phillips, MN
Ron Rubek, IA
Wayne Scherer, MO
Jerome and Helen Smith, MI
Tim Tyler, IL
Mike Walbridge and Julie Hagan, IL

2017 Festival Sponsors and Grantors

Regional Development Authority
Rhythm City Casino
Quality Inn, Davenport
West Music
Howard & Ruth Braren, IL
Glenda Childress, TN
Joan Beiderbecke Dupont, NY
Don & Vickie Palmer Pruter, IA
Laura Ostrem, IA
C.H. Schaefer, IA
Mike & Jean Steffensen, IA
Ruth & Albert Van Tieghem Sr., Foundation, FL
Bruce & Carolyn Thorburn, IA


Sally Beiderbecke, CA
Rodney & Tricia Biensen, IA
Steven Burke & Darcy Anderson, IL
Davenport City Council
Terry & Kim Fortman, FL
Joe & Laura Hesse, IA
Christer Jönsson and Anne-Christine Persson, SE
Donald & Susan Kerber, WI
Lawrence O’Connell, WI
Bob & Carol Olsen, WI
Dick & Betty Ann Quaintance, IL
Two Friends of Bix!
Steve Sanders, AZ
Joseph Urbancik, IL
Hal Vickery, IL
Buel & Mary Williamson, IA
Victor & Dianne Wilson, IA
Duane & Sue Wince, IA

John Adams, MI
Fredrick Beiderbecke, CA
Eileen Benson, IA
Kent & Gerri Bowers, IA
Walter Brenner, GA
Alan & Judy Brotherton, IA
Lawrence Brough, OH
Don & Arlene Carlson, FL
Tom Carroll, IA
Joyce Danley, IL
Sharon Eisenmayer, IL
John W. Gahan, MO
Bill & Shirley Homrighausen, IA
Bernadine Feller McGuire, IA
Christine Guy, ME
In Memory of Rich Johnson
John Larson, MI
Phil Martinson, MN
Dixie Melquist, VA
Lawrence O’Connell, WI
Warren & Carrie Phillips, MI
Connie Rashid, IA
Patrick Riley, IL
Rosemary Rizzolo, IL
Lucretia Schneider, IA
Bruce Webster, MI
Michael Webster, MI
Dr. Herbert M. Wyman, NY

The Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Society would like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors for their support! Without the sponsors and the fans this festival would not be possible!

Thank you!

If you would like to help sponsor the Bix Jazz Fest please see our Sponsorship Opportunities page or contact us directly for more information.

You can also fill out a membership form and make checks available to Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Society, P.O. Box 3688, Davenport, Iowa 52808. Questions: (563) 324-7170 or email us.